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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Jun 5, 2019

Gabriela Masala found by integrating multiple modalities into her facilitation practice to help people “heal”, she soon realized the greatest service she could give was to point people back to their own innate genius, intuition, wholeness and sovereignty.  Serving individuals and communities world wide through intuitive, energy medicine and expressive arts based consultations, events and retreats, she began to focus on building a relationship to the aspect of our human being that is already “healed”- already whole, infinite and divine. By doing so she stopped using the word “healing,” but began supporting others to live with this unlimited part of their nature as guide – that changed her life and those of her clients.

At the end of inspiring events and retreats, she would often hear people say, “It is back to the real world.”  She felt so clearly, we have this all wrong.  The peak experience of meditations and retreats: feeling regenerated, creatively fulfilled, connected, and empowered, unlimited should not be the exception in a life, It can be the norm!  This inspired the creation of the interactive journal, and process, Everyday Magnificent.  The book is a guide to a lifestyle practice that integrates these peak states into the “real world” of daily life. As we practice living in gratitude, cultivating whole brain and heart coherence, and allowing the creative force of life to flow through us, we are able to reframe and rewire our inner and outer world.  We begin creating a magnificent life by our own design. 

You can find her book, ‘Everyday Magnificent, Practices for Activating an Unlimited Life’, and learn more about Gabriela at Her book is on Amazon and Balboa Press. Follow Gabriela on Instagram and Facebook to hear her updates and inspirations.