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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Apr 10, 2020

Both host Diana Todd-Banks and guest Judythe cover some fascinating provocative topics about the current world climate and the Invisible Woman.

Invisible women can best be described as those women who have always been really self-sufficient, the person that nobody needs to worry about, so they don’t.  But now you’ve turned 60 and have watched everyone else around you achieve amazing things, yet secretly you feel disappointed in yourself and your life.  You find yourself out there, invisible, - but that’s changing - you’re ready to be visible.

Judythe knows, she was invisible once so was the host Diana.

A natural born mystic and a scholar in Afterlife studies, she is a professional Intuitive Medium and Therapist for over 4 decades offering workshops throughout Australia and now the World; as well today Judythe is a highly respected speaker, author, entrepreneur, coach, mentor and consultant on all things Life, Death, Dying and the Afterlife. Judythe focuses much of her professional attention on the Invisible Woman of that generation that lived for everyone else, but themselves.  She says and asks, ‘Yet, only you can change being Invisible. You’ve been waiting for that magical journey to begin, the Journey of ‘Who am I?’ But how do you do that?’ 

As part of The Invisible Woman Generation herself, she is now teaching women around the world how to live an amazing life and be amazing, now they are free from the shackles of their upbringing. To connect with Judythe and learn more go here: