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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Sep 29, 2018

To say Liliane’s midlife turning point was an unusual one is an understatement. In Spring 2016 she was writing a novel alongside her students, in a course she was teaching and in the aftermath experienced some massive life changes.

The novel was called WANTED: GREENER GRASS and was about a couple whose relationship had become flat and unsatisfying, and what they do about it. In the month after Liliane finished writing the book, she celebrated her 29th anniversary with her much-loved partner.  Although they had different lifestyle values Liliane wasn’t look for anyone new. However in the same month a new man came into her life who shared many of her desired lifestyle values – for example, he was an ex-semi-professional dancer of Latin and Ballroom styles; Liliane had been dancing for 20 years but without her life partner who didn’t dance.

Within six weeks of meeting the new man she found herself facing the same dilemma that her main character faces at the end of the novel she had just completed. It was true case of life imitating art! Going into an intense soul-searching period that included seeing three counsellors and an astrologer, Liliane finally decided she was ready to part ways with her long-time partner and father of their three kids in order to have a new life journey with this new man.

Her long time partner was extraordinary: he understood why the choice, and despite much sadness and despair, he supported her decision and is now following a dream of his own living in Queensland, Australia. Published in November 2017 Liliane’s novel is called ‘Wanted: Greener Grass’– a story about love, envy, and a crazy kind of courage.  Learn more about Liliane at her website: