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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Dec 24, 2017

Elizabeth Rentz says starting over are two tantalizing words that can either threaten or excite anyone thinking about making a change in their life but more so for those who are boomers or seniors. This was the case for Elizabeth. At 68 Elizabeth was suffering from severe pain in her shoulder and arm, which caused her to remain in bed. She couldn’t ‘stir a pot of water, more importantly she said not even open a bottle of wine.

Hard decisions needed to be made. She closed her successful bank recruiting firm of 10 years which provided her with financial security so taking a bit step to shut it down caused severe stress.

As Elizabeth said, “Her soul was telling her to ‘Fly’ yet she was stuck inside her body and mind with severe limiting beliefs which affects so many people. What happened from here on is makes for fascinating listening, because Elizabeth decided to reinvent herself, something which many over 50’s long to do but are too frightened to do. As Elizabeth say it’s all about mindset.

Today, using a fresh perspective on the blending of how our brains work and how we can influence our behaviour Elizabeth leads an audience to take action in their lives. Having reinvented she is now an author, transition coach, and motivating professional speaker, and founder of Break Through Your Way™, a company that is focused on personal and professional development.
Life is full of crazy life changing situations, which can be positively turned around. Listen to the podcast to find out where you can register for Elizabeth’s Break Through Your Way newsletter.