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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

May 23, 2018

Robert achieved that, only after a career in marketing and design in London, then relocating to Sydney in pursuit of a more balanced lifestyle, which he achieved. Helping small creative businesses at first, Robert transferred into coaching, becoming only the 2nd person in Australasia to achieve accreditation with the International Coach Federation. Realising that many people in his new country were keen to develop very small lifestyle-led businesses, this engaging chap started Flying Solo, an online community, which grew to over 110,000 Australian members before selling it to another publisher in 2017.  Now in his early 60s Robert is working to support older entrepreneurs in the development and growth of great little businesses and has an online program to help, listen as he discusses that. His first bestselling book, Flying Solo: How To Go It Alone in Business” and his second book, will be released later 2018: The 1- Minute Commute. You can learn more here: During the podcast Robert discusses various ways how to create a very clear vision of what you would like to create for your future and new chapter even if this this takes a while. This is useful those who are stuck, and to help, offers a vision exercise from his first book: Robert says ‘the world moves aside for those who know where they’re going,” and he can help you get there too.