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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Jun 22, 2019

Sandra had many pivot points at the age of 18 and often in turmoil some true wonders occur out of that turmoil. For Sandra she had an awakening experience when she almost died she discovered all things spiritual, which changed her life forever profoundly so … realizing she had a mission and purpose to help empower people to set themselves free via some unique processes which worked. That life turn around gave her many tools to enhance and develop beginning with her husband Daniel who together created a multi-global award-winning retreat in New Zealand, named the World’s Best Luxury Coastal Hotel in 2010. They went on to gain many incredible achievements that benefit others and profoundly so.

This is an important Podcast to listen to as it will help you understand how you can identify your new path. Over time, using her unprecedented laser-like techniques, Sandra takes the brakes off your unconscious, freeing you to accelerate into the thrilling experience of a life without limits.

Jack Canfield has expressed profound words about Sandra: “Known for solving unsolvable problems”, Jack Canfield said, “She is a profound healer, trainer, speaker and author who does some incredible transformational work. I’ve experienced her work and found it truly life changing. Sandra says she is 66 in August and looks and feels at least 15 years younger…I’m healthier and more balanced in every way and my level of awareness is so strong that its easy for me to help people know they are loved and supported. Her work clears unconscious programs that sabotage our health and vitality - people feel lighter and happier and that leads to better health and wellbeing …You can learn more about Sandra and her programs here: and also here: