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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Apr 7, 2020

Sara noticed many of her 50- and 60-something year old contemporaries were spending a large amount of time and money ensuring that their 80- and 90-something year old parents were cared for and having a good life.  Then after a long phone call from a friend Sara turned to her husband and asked “who is going to do that for us? We don’t have kids!

That revelation led to her research on single and child-free couples and how they can best prepare for life as an elder. Discovering that almost 20% of baby boomer women never had children, Sara knew this was an area that needed addressing. She also recognised people today don’t want to face 20-30 years of doing nothing.

Sara’s earlier career formed a strong knowledge base when she focused on the challenges of the retirement transition, having had a 25-year career in leadership and organizational development.  Many of her boomer era executive coaching clients­­ became more interested in talking about their retirement plans than their strategic plans! They needed guidance in how to prepare for “life-after-work”, a term she prefers to use rather than retirement. Since then (2013) she has devoted her life to writing about and finding unique ways for Solo Agers to thrive and be safe and secure in their later years.

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