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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Mar 22, 2020

That one action we all need to take is to ... PAUSE! 

THIS PODCAST TOPIC IS POWERFUL & IMPORTANT with profound information from which we can all benefit, given the current world chaos.

We are being asked to stop and pause and while that action will look different to each of us, as with any piece of chaos, we have an opportunity as to how we to respond to it from fear, or from love? Selina is a teacher of practical spirituality and says clearly a pause is what our world needs.  How will you take the advice our planet is being granted?  Where do you need to pause in your life?  Think about that.

Host Diana, says there are many who are not tuned into practical spirituality but who at this time are eager to do something, to take some action, but what, and asks what could they do to try and respond, even through love? We are creative and productive and have come from the perspective of striving to be independent rather than what is needed now - we need to work from the greater collective – that’s interdependence. We need to think differently, act differently but act consciously, and doing so that can open up many opportunities.

In this podcast Selina Maitreya poses numerous profound questions and all are worth you answering them in your quiet time. Contact Selina via her website: