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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Dec 15, 2018

ANITA BENTATA said nearing 50 she needed to change her life story from trauma, being alone and hard work, but didn’t yet know how. Childhood neglect and abuse had shaped Anita into a powerless young adult unable to protect her from being stalked in her teens. Years later, she escaped domestic violence with her two young children and entered therapy to make sure it never happened again and also took a risk and entered university to change careers from accounts to psychotherapy which she did and began helping victims of DV and other trauma.

After years of experience and practical knowledge Anita was ready to reach more people and to address ‘next level gaps’ and also remembered her promise to clients to write a book explaining why women stay. She did that and wrote The Wolf in a Suit. This led to reflecting deeply on what was missing in society. To address the gaps for survivors, community and professionals in prevention, intervention and healing Anita created Feminine Principle events and the Big Hearted Woman program. She answered what her parents, other parents and society didn’t teach about love, relationships, stress and trauma; then created the Women Starting Again group which has 765 members, plus educative online programs and national and international retreats, talks and workshops. Her next book is underway “Uncomfortable Conversations: how to talk to someone when they are in a toxic relationship;” as well Anita started an online membership program on her website so healing is easier and affordable allowing woman to help another woman heal. Domestic violence is a scourge in society and clearly Anita’s book and groups can be of immense help and support. Learn more at her website where you can also contact her.