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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Jun 23, 2018

Damien Lee views himself as a disrupter, the half Australian half-Singaporean serial entrepreneur, and cancer survivor has a continual natural risk reward mentality with a firm belief life gets increasingly better in your mature years. Of all the businesses he has ever built from the ground up, in Australia to Denmark, Singapore, France and Afghanistan, they were in industries in which he had no experience; listen to him discuss why. But his businesses came to a grinding halt in 2014 when he was diagnosed with stage 4-chest cancer and given weeks. Focusing on cleaning up his eating to only consuming healthy foods and drinks he miraculously recovered from the disease. Damian describes an interesting story about instant noodles in which there’s a big but simple business and life lesson that set him on a new path creating a new business producing the healthiest instant noodle available. Mr Lee’s Noodles was born including an innovative, interactive digital ‘Noodle Kiosk’ vending machine providing a 24/7 healthy food option. A highly energetic charismatic person he’s been a finalist or winner in numerous impressive International Entrepreneurial Awards. His energy and drive doesn’t stop there leading seminars, conferences, summits, talks at universities, aids charities and is planning to build a Mr Lee’s Foundation. In June 2017, with the company thriving and new products launching, Damien was diagnosed throat and neck cancer entirely disconnected to his previous illness. Three surgeries and 54 treatments later Damien is now in recovery and says he doesn’t regret a thing. Learn more at the website Having now beaten cancer for the second time, Damien is more convinced in the power of healthy eating and is excited to expand the brand.