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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Dec 19, 2018

Debbie Rivers felt she worked in one of the most disliked occupations, auditing! A safe, well-paid government job and one that she didn’t like, plus she dreaded going to work as it sucked the life out of her.

Despite being a seriously risk adverse person, at 53 she took a huge step, and left her security behind, to work in dating! Debbie said it was time to do what she loved, making a difference rather than nit picking!  An Accidental Entrepreneur, she always had an aversion to business as her parents ran delis (delicatessens) while she was growing up and were never around. After 21 years of marriage, and single, Debbie explored the dating scene but was dismayed by it and its new language breadcrumbing, ghosting, orbiting, benching, terms for bad or poor behaviour. Despite that Debbie felt compelled to explore speed dating and loved the concept! She talked with others about the idea, until a bar owner convinced her to try running one herself and her first was Perth's Biggest Speed Dating Event.

Crazy, is how Debbie describes herself then, with no events or business experience she didn’t wait for perfection but dived in thinking all she needed was a website and people! Debbie laughs because she now knows how hard that is to achieve! But she did it, it wasn't perfect but she started and it was a great success.  Over time Debbie has expanded to all things dating including coaching people to navigate the dating world and to maybe find the love they had longed for.  To learn more go to: Despite now living the dream, Debbie says it’s never too late to live the life you have always imagined and is glad she made the choice to follow her passion.