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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Jul 10, 2018

Change is not a mental battleground, but we’re conditioned to believe it is and despite change happening every second and constantly it won’t stop. On a personal level change tends to frighten people all the time. Why because it instantly appears to mean a time of major upheaval even trauma. For Diana having experienced change in many forms throughout her life, she knows that moving beyond change can bring joy and a positive new beginning and it can for you too. Listen to Diana’s list of amazingly diverse and extreme, often traumatic change experiences and you do come to understand why this Life Change Specialist can coach others so effectively. She had to take a cold hard look at herself and what she found was a tragic young woman who carried with her for decades, the feeling she simply wasn’t good enough, she was an utter failure and that was the reason many things didn’t work out for her. Diana describes that truly pathetic experience during her early childhood, which for 3 decades had a profound affect on her life but she vowed to change all that. She remembered a thought she had 10 years earlier, if her life and who she was were to change she had to change her thinking and actions, no matter what. But how she had no idea and that set her on the path of truly understanding change and all that comes with that along with the joys that emerge like a very early sunrise – a new dawning, a new day and a new beginning. Go to to connect. Toward the end of the podcast Diana offers steps to help manage your change experience.