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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Mar 13, 2019

He’s a midlife divorced dad raising 2 kids but that hasn’t stopped Dom from becoming a health empowerment coach. Unlike most health coaches, Dom chose not to not focus on what people eat, or their exercise, rather, he focuses on helping to discover and transform the underlying root causes of old, destructive loops that prevent his clients from succeeding in their health, overall wellness & life! 

Dom understands what it's like to be on both sides of the fence because he grew up as a heavy weight kid for the first half of his life along with his destructive loops.  Moving on from there to his early 50s Dom recognized his career of 30 years in Corporate IT sucked the spirit of life out of him. The best antidote to that was to follow his heart and passion earning his health & life coach certifications; as he felt that path was the key to his new future and it has been. Despite his numerous big life challenges in one year during his career transition Dom says he’s discovered a newfound freedom he never had before plus he feels like he’s finally now living life on his terms.

This is why the question begs to be asked what were the keys that helped Dom to ‘live on his terms?” During this podcast you’ll hear Dom’s answers and others too and they’re not complex, costly or time consuming. Dom describes them as 3 principles he’s personally learned that are critical to your success. Sharing his personal experience, Dom talks about his passion to help elevate & empower people who feel stuck in a life or body they are not happy with. For more go to Dom’s website: to take advantage of his special offer using this link: http//