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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Dec 4, 2018

Starting off on a fairly conventional career path Ingrid recognised to grow her career she needed to relocate from the country to Sydney. In her late 40s, she experienced terrible workplace bullying that rocked her to the core causing her to re-think her career choices, which at first was tough considering her experience. Wisely Ingrid reviewed her skills, which enabled her to set up a Virtual Assistant business, which she operated very successfully from her own home office in Taree in country NSW, Australia.

Recognising the benefit and enormous satisfaction that the Virtual Assistant career and the lifestyle was bringing her, and countless other women throughout Australia (and the world), Ingrid saw there were many who were seeking help to get started but just had no idea where to begin.  This was the catalyst for Ingrid to set up the VA Institute, because importantly becoming a VA is a path anyone can do and certainly those who are retrenched can. Now in its 2nd year of operation the VA Institute provides one-on-one training and support to women far and wide, allowing them to launch and drive a successful career as a VA. You can learn more here:

Ingrid’s mission is to inspire and instil self-confidence and passion back into the women she works with, and to help women who step into the Virtual Assistant industry an opportunity to build a career based on the principles of excellence and authenticity.