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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Jun 5, 2018

For much of her life, Lucinda Bakken White immersed herself into the modern mainstream culture to achieve the American Dream. Her professional career with an MBA and a coveted position at IBM, by all external measures she was successful but her presentation belied how she felt on the inside. Years flew by and she became exhausted and depleted and although she persisted, Lucinda privately experienced chronic depression and thoughts of suicide. Determined to slay her loneliness and understand the deeper meaning of life, she committed herself to a lifelong journey of self-discovery and personal transformation, which she did find. Adopting a simple powerful solution she began spending quality time in nature and still does, and suggests everyone does. With all your senses open doing so helps you to connect with your inner self so you can receive guidance. Sounds simple? It works! Just allow. Working also with world-renowned experts, Lucinda identified and shed the false personas she developed in order to “fit in,” and reclaim her authentic self and ultimately calling. As Lucinda’s family, friends and surrounding community observed her overcoming various sorrows, conflicts, illnesses and other challenges life threw her way, people began to seek her out for guidance, which ultimately led Lucinda to what she calls her life calling. Now living a fulfilled life of deep meaning and higher purpose, this transformed woman now inspires and guides women to help them reclaim their inner authentic wildness just as she has done. You can learn more at her website: Listen to the Podcast as Lucinda offers other profound tips for those caught up in the corporate camouflage that will help you reconnect with your original nature.