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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

May 16, 2018

Lynn Wood says there’s a growing trend of people tired of all the negative news around the world, so she decided to take action suggesting there needed to be a platform showing the opposite - new and clever positive ideas happening around the world. With a substantial corporate career in Sydney and Hong Kong, Lynn was one of the first women in Australia to be appointed to a listed organization board followed by serving on many boards and committees, private, public, NFP and Government. Travel can spark a wide variety of creative ideas which happened to Lynn, and while on a trip to Canada three years ago - a guide said using harsh words that have been modified: “promote what you love rather than bash what you dislike”. After much thought and encouragement Lynn created, which in basic terms is like Facebook but only for new and clever positive ideas, a place where people can ‘escape into’ and search from the growing list of 1,500 ideas. In essence Lynn has become the Chief Idea Spy and was advised to expand the platform she should ask business leaders two questions: “Where do ideas go in your organization and how are they rated”? The lights went on to further create IdeaSpies Enterprise to help give staff a voice in their organizations by offering them a simple, fun way to suggest ideas that would improve the way they work. Lynn says true Leaders spark innovation by creating an inclusive, open culture. Lynn offers these tips for listeners either for business or life: be open to opportunities; look around and see what’s positive in the world;
 persevere even when people tell you your idea is a fantasy; and connect with people - where you can add value to each other.