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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

May 29, 2019

Nancy said she needed to heal her son with a liver disorder since no-one else seemed to be able to but then she ended up starting her own practice in functional medicine. How did she do that? Studying Food Chemistry, Holistic Nutrition, and Functional Medicine a far cry from her corporate life. Nancy said you do not have to wear all the hats in a corporate life but when you start out as an entrepreneur, all the responsibilities are yours. You also need to have a financial plan since you will not be receiving a paycheck each week but have to create your income differently. Many will give up and may run back to a job but it’s the self-doubt and fear that you must battle and win with a positive mindset each day until it becomes second nature. This is the most important, your mindset and then working consistently on a daily basis to make your dream a reality.  And Nancy certainly has done that.

Packed full of powerful important ‘healthy’ information, do listen to this podcast it’s full of tips and advice for everyone who is interested in maintaining a healthy body. Nancy also discusses some very significant information about Alzheimer’s and Dementia, heavy metal tests, helping special needs children, and some of the ‘ugly ingredients’ found in most food today and the damage they inflict.  Now 55, Nancy has reinvented herself as an author (2 books launching in May and June), a podcaster, and has an online wellness monthly membership & Raising Achievers. You can reach Nancy via her website in her name and also via