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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Mar 25, 2018

In Part I, Tony White talked about working all his life as an award-winning director, animator, teacher and author but at the age of 70 he decided to take all the skills he accumulated in the animation industry over many decades to see where that exploration might take him. Tony‘s other ‘love’ was astrology, but not the standard 'prediction', 'fortune-telling,' 'Star Sign' kind of astrology that we usually see. Instead it is deep, transformative, life-changing kind of serious astrology that doesn't normally get mentioned but this very creative gentleman does just that in this podcast – he discusses how the astrology aspect of his life emerged and developed to where it is today, the breadth, and scope of this perhaps transformative astrology.

At 70, Tony decided to come out of the astrological closet and share his stories, knowledge and experiences with the world. Listen to the podcasts for the actual addresses of his websites startoonz and mystarchild. The second site focuses on the parents of young children, and how they might better bring up their kids in a way that enables the child to reach it’s hidden potential, using astrological wisdom and guidance. Tony acknowledges, there are people who are ‘turned off’ on this form of astrology, but he asks – do you have a short time to read and learn something real and true? Those who do, change their quizzical questions quickly after learning the serious beneficial side of this extraordinary topic. His book available online on Lulu, ‘The Secret Life of Stars’ will open your mind and those who have read it understand and realize how this form of astrology is incredibly powerful.