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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Nov 28, 2018

Else Byskov like many people nearing 50 had been a searching soul all her life. Leaving her homeland of Denmark and living, working and teaching Spanish, she surprisingly encountered the material of Martinus, the Danish visionary and mystic - and was completely bowled over by it. After Else read the major part of his voluminous work, she was so enthusiastic she felt compelled to tell somebody about it! Rather than verbally discussing what she uncovered, Else wrote her first book ‘Death Is an Illusion’, published in 2002, which is an introduction to the extensive enlightening, provocative and practical works of Martinus. Yes that was a mouthful, but listen to this podcast in full and you’ll understand why.   Martinus main work is called ‘The Book of Life’ (see Livets Bog). In total his work comprises over 10.000 pages of spiritual insight, including some positive profound insights for people between 50-70, as his belief is it’s the most significant time of your life.

Spreading the word about Martinus because his work is considered the most complete spiritual revelation ever disclosed to humankind, she has also written 6 more books about aspects of Martinus´ spiritual science. The tough part is prejudice when people hear the word spiritual science, they immediately think they know what it is and means, and they judge it or criticise it before they grasp it. Else’s advise to listeners of this podcast, and her readers is to get rid of the one-life theory. It has never been proven and it is completely illogical. Once you see the bigger picture, your whole outlook on life will change - you will become a much happier person when you realize death is an illusion. Learn more here: