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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Sep 24, 2018

Working as a Software Engineer at a big company in San Diego, like many people, Jennifer felt trapped and depressed at a job that paid the bills yet innately she knew there was much more to her life. Many people feel the same way but don’t know what that direction is and live their life without fulfilling those feelings. On the bright side now there are ways to discover what your purpose might be.  For Jennifer, to cope with the situation she studied bodywork and alternative healing and while working on people, started to feel the “energy fields” emanating from people. The feeling was profound and unexpected and so she studied more energy healing, then met Richard Gordon, the founder of Quantum-Touch, fell in love with the vision, receiving a very clear message from the Universe that energy healing was for her. After training in Quantum-Touch, Jennifer quit her software job, took a leap of faith, and followed her heart taking over as CEO of Quantum-Touch in June 2002 and remains CEO still today promoting optimal wellness by helping people connect more deeply to their love. Not only is Love the basis of all healing but it also is the guiding force behind the business itself.  Jennifer says changing the way we think about money is widely discussed around the world, but learning to shift yourself inside, is not. The toughest part of a business is the financial area and Jennifer’s upcoming book will help - Spiritual & Broke - How to Stop Struggling with Money and Live Your Purpose is due out early 2019.  To receive the first 3 chapters as a gift right register on Interested in energy medicine, then go