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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Dec 29, 2017

Tracey Carmichael talks about anxiety and depression – is a growing problem world wide, says today’s guest Tracey Carmichael.  With a spike not only visible amongst teenagers but also mid-life women, other segments of the community are also affected. Most have no idea how to deal with it in a healthy way. Initially Tracey didn’t either. Her goal was to identify natural approaches, which created some lengthy research, which she used to heal herself.

Tracey’s frank and open description of her early life dealing with anxiety will no doubt help and inspire others. When she discusses her topic as in her writing she is frank, clear, comprehensive, and offers a much-needed healthy pathway to those experiencing anxiety and depression.

Anxiety can make life very hard, but Tracy Carmichael makes it easier to recognize, understand, manage, and to create an all important, healing way forward. Through her coaching skills and now with this wonderfully practical and easy to read guidebook Tracy has unlocked and created a healthy plan to help others. Everyone can benefit by reading her guidebook.

Having long ago fully recovered from her anxiety and depression, Tracey is adept in NLP, Timeline Therapy, Strategic Intervention and Human Needs Psychology. As well she is a mindset and wellness coach, author and qualified yoga teacher and has been in the wellness industry since 1997. She combines these therapies with the Happy Mind Formula to change brain chemistry, physiology, focus, language and meaning shifting people from a state of anxiety and depression to a life of purpose and passion. 

Listen to the end of this podcast when Tracey mentions where to connect with her and to find out more about her latest book, The Happy Mind Movement!