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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Dec 24, 2017

Maura Sweeney talks about turning Dreams to Reality after turning 50.  By now most people know if you can think a thought then you can make it happen.  So why is it so many people say ‘I wish I could...’ Why is that? People don’t ALLOW themselves, particularly women don’t.

As a child, Maura dreamed of travelling the world, making new friends and, publishing ideas to ignite and inspire the best in human nature and society. Though often kept indoors and groomed by parents for a career in law, she left the matrix at age 23 to pioneer her own path to happiness, passion and power. Following a decorated corporate management career and time as a home schooling mom, Maura set out anew to make her ultimate mark. Today, she's an Author, Podcaster and Huff Post contributor who's been featured hundreds of times in the media for her views on Influence, Leadership and Identity. She's also an international speaker and, of all things, the trademarked Ambassador of Happiness. What's important to note is that what Maura has accomplished has been self-created, self-generated and self-styled all of which she embarked at age 50+. Connect with Maura at Listen to the end of the podcast for a special offer from Maura.