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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Sep 27, 2018

Merle Temple is the author 4 books of the Michael Parker series: Deputy: Once Upon A Time in MississippiA Ghostly Shade of Pale, A Rented World, and The Redeemed: A Leap of Faith. A fifth book, Blood On The Ground, will be released in the fall (US winter) of 2018.

Merle’s books chronicle a series of stranger than fiction historical events that only Merle could write about with such authenticity, because he lived them. His writing is so cinematic that a movie or TV series leaps off the pages as you read the books and that will happen. A native of Tupelo, Mississippi, Merle’s books are drawn from his experiences as a deputy sheriff, an agent in the first "drug wars," the first captain in the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics, a manager in the corporate world, a campaign chairman in the corporate and political wars, and an evangelist in prison. From here Merle’s story becomes even more murky and sinister, but finally there’s a great outcome, which makes listening to this podcast a must.

Even though Merle was put into prison in a high profile political case, he formed the most successful inmate led ministry in the history of the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Merle recently spoke to inmates in the prison where he was incarcerated. The ministry he began continues almost ten years after its creation and is bigger and better than ever.

Ghostly, the all-time bestselling novel for Barnes and Noble in North Mississippi, was chosen by one college as required reading for English students; his books are used in middle school and high school English classes in several US states while Deputy is now used by Mississippi State University. Church libraries, shelters, and prisons in eight states also share his books.  To learn more go to his website: