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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Jul 18, 2019

Michael said he arrived in USA in 1979 at 19 from USSR, graduated the University of Pittsburgh as a construction engineer, found a job in San Francisco then that’s where the mundane part of his life ended. Having always been fascinated by the spiritual after brief stints with Judaism, several brands of Christianity and Buddhism, he started in Scientology, first on staff in San Francisco then joined the Sea Organization, the para-military, elite management corps of the Church. Quickly advancing up the ranks, he became in charge of the worldwide Church translations network, at a secret desert Church headquarters, the infamous, International Base, his home until his dramatic escape in 2005.
Do listen to this Podcast, to hear Michael’s description about his escape in jail uniform and what he does next, it’s hilarious. Ultimately back into a more normal life and using his construction skills, he worked as an estimator and project manager at first and then trained as a property and casualty insurance adjuster and have been doing that as an Independent adjuster ever since, as his business. The main perk in having a business Michael says is flexible scheduling, which allows him to concentrate on his research and writing. Having a side business is a good approach for others too. Having studied and applied 28 different religions and using Scientology as a springboard, of which he says he’s an expert, Michael developed some incredible extra-sensory abilities and laid the basis for his own psychic healing methodology. Psychic healing of anybody, whether he knows a person or not, nor knows their location, serves as side business for Michael and despite not charging clients, it’s the most important facet of his life. For more go to