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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Sep 30, 2018

Rosie Christopherson finally realized she had a quiet goal. The sad indictment she discovered while working for many years in human resources in Melbourne, established that quiet goal. Constantly seeing more and more greedy companies not putting people before profits, she was sure there had to be a better kinder way to conduct business. If she was to actually achieve that, it would mean living in a much less consumeristic way for her partner and herself plus making other life changes.  Listen to this podcast to learn what Rosie and her partner did. They made a bold move while staying open to different opportunities that they hoped the universe would provide, and it did!  Because Rosie had tarot in her life since a young woman this allowed them to spend part of their year in India where Rosie studied reiki and reflexology at a deep level. Unexpectedly the universe opened up again allowing them to turn into reality that quiet goal Rosie had way back in her human resource days. They did that after many struggles in Vietnam, their staff were their family and together they achieved their dream by providing employment, through the business. The couple renovated the tiny local school, using donations from guests for tarot readings and counseling and this provided such a memorable experience and living life in a happy fulfilling way.  However Rosie and her partner are now living in Montmorillon, southwest France, where they welcome guests to their self-catering accommodation. Montmorillon is known as the city of Writing and Book Professions so Rosie has written her first book set in France. It’s called ‘Bonne Chance and Butterflies’ and is fiction about following your dreams and taking a chance.