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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Jul 24, 2019

For Sandi reinvention has become a way of life as it has for many people in their 50’s and above! By then we’ve triumphed and overcome numerous traumas – all just a part of life. Sandi said she is a former Miss America finalist, Breck Girl spokeswoman and television/film actress turned author/consultant/speaker: "The Art of Living - Feng Shui YOUR Way”.  As founder of "True You Makeovers” – a Feng Shui based protocol for midlife reinvention and “Creating your future beautifully from the inside-out” these approaches can produce some wonderful and beautiful results.

Listen to this podcast for the discussion about keeping physically and most definitely mentally alert and fit along as this has tremendous benefits – many who do adopt this approach feel as though they’re just getting going in the best sense!  This podcast is full of wonderful tips and suggestions that are worth listening to.  By remaining a fit, motivated and inspired mid-sixties entrepreneur you never know what’s around the corner or what wonderful and unexpected doors may open with the passing days, weeks and months. To receive a free “True Color Assessment Guide” go to Sandi’s website