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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

May 28, 2018

It’s not uncommon in midlife for some to feel discouraged with life, work and marriage. It’s why many people choose to begin praying to be shown their purpose, work and what they came here to do. That was how Shanta Gabriel’s midlife unfolded. Living in Honolulu while giving a massage, a surprising event happened. At the end of her table, was a manifestation of Golden Light, a vision of a massive angel with wings that went out of the ceiling. The Angel whispered in Shanta’s inner ear and told her he was Archangel Michael. Having no interest let alone background in angels, Shanta was alarmed she would be considered crazy, so she ignored him. That didn’t help. Visits continued until 1990 when again a huge angel manifested in her living room with wings that went out the ceiling, and he said he was Archangel Gabriel, and had work for Shanta to do. Messages continued daily and while she kept trying to ignore the visits, slowly she turned around, then created an inspirational card set and book and by the time she was 50 a small angel business became a reality – finally she felt she was doing the work she came on Earth to do.  Five years later at 55, catastrophe hit one after the other, her business went bankrupt, she lost her house, her appendix burst, she went into menopause, her husband found a new wife, and they were divorced all in one year. It was like the dark night of the Soul - Shanta felt totally abandoned on all levels. A few years later during the night an inspirational flash occurred to work with the Archangels again republish her book and now in 2018 Shanta is inspired and re-energized and yes at 73. Shanta loves the work that she’s doing now in groups, classes and writing inspirational blog articles she shares online, fulfilled and happier than ever before she is a wonderful example of regardless of the hurdles you encounter you can reinvigorate your life and start over again regardless of your age.